Whether for commuting or long weekend leisure rides, ebikes can add a huge amount of value, convenience and enjoyment to your everyday life. But the first step toward improving the way you get around is deciding which ebike is the right fit for your regular journeys.  


That’s why we prepared this handy guide to help you decide which ebike model is made for you. Read on to find your perfect match.  


If you want… Tough Terrain

If you’re a rider that sometimes finds themselves riding on challenging terrain that’s less solid – think sand, snow, asphalt or dirt – then you should consider what we call an e-fat bike. As you probably guessed from the name, these are ebikes built with extra-fat tires and sturdy frames to remain stable and in control on any terrain that you tackle.


ET.Cycle T1000:

With chunky tires and a top-of-the-line drive system, the ET.Cycle T1000 is one of our finest e-fat bikes and can handle long distances and tougher terrain with ease. Learn more here.


ET.Cycle T720:

Built for stability and style, the ET.Cycle T720 combines striking design with the fat tires and sturdy frame that you need to cruise on more difficult surfaces. A perfect first e-fat bike. Learn more here.

February 14, 2023 — Meg Yan