We’ve taken the spirit of American motorcycles and put it into the heart of our fat tire electric bikes. Our goal is freedom across all terrains - city, sand, trail, snow. We’ve engineered strong frames and powerful drive systems and motors to open up the city and the country to your imagination. Give your attitude an extra charge.

We know e-bikes since 2014

ET is the rebellious problem child of Leon Cycle, an electric bike maker founded in Hanover, Germany, in 2014. ET took Leon Cycle’s decade - and - a - half of R&D expertise, innovation and technology and did what others at Leon Cycle wouldn’t dare to do - we made amazing fat electric bikes out of it. Why? Because … Why not?

Direct to you

ET controls its vertical supply chain, therefore we can offer the highest quality bikes and components to you without the additional retail costs of many electric bike brands. We oversee R&D, procurement, manufacturing and sales meaning we can deliver better designs, stronger components at a faster rate while reducing costs to our consumers. It’s not easy. But it’s smarter. Our frames, electronic components and motors are produced in our own production facilities to the highest German standards. Leon Cycle - our offline and online distribution network – offers our customers excellent and reliable service before and after their purchase.